Who We Are

Corrigan Aerial Media, LLC was formed in 2016 as is a full service, Pittsburgh based, aerial imaging services company. We are located in Harmony, PA in the Western Pennsylvania region.  We serve Pittsburgh, the Ohio Valley, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Virginia and beyond.  We are your Pittsburgh Drone Company!

In 2018, Corrigan Aerial Media, LLC drew upon their expertise in aerial photography to branch out to provide a unique and exciting new product:  a series of iconic perspectives on U.S. college and university campuses.  The result is www.CollegePuzzles.com   


Both Michael and Jeremy are active members of the local community and look forward to giving back to the community with every puzzle we sell.  

Fully Insured and FAA Certified for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Co-Founder / Pilot
Co-Founder / Pilot

Beauty is all around us.

Sometimes we just need to find a unique perspective to truly SEE it.  

Our Mission

To provide high-quality visual elements
from a unique perspective 


Our Vision

To build valuable relationships with our customers and provide both a product and service that is sought after time and time again

Your Pittsburgh Drone Company